Plastic Posse Podcast

Episode 31: Ilya Yut and Steve Munsell from Value Gear Resin

October 13, 2021 The Plastic Posse Podcast Season 2 Episode 31
Plastic Posse Podcast
Episode 31: Ilya Yut and Steve Munsell from Value Gear Resin
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Steve Munsell from Value Gear Resin joins us, and we interview Ilya Yut from Israel!

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We are joined for the episode by Steve Munsell, owner of Value Gear Resin, makers of resin stowage and accessories designed to take your models and dioramas to the next level.

We also have an interview with renowned Israeli modeler Ilya Yut. Ilya's work speaks for itself, and he is one of the most prolific and recognizable modelers in the world.

We discuss some recent exciting new releases that have been announced, as well as several topics that have been on our mind, Social Media Shoutouts, Group Build updates, and many other topics!

We round the episode off with a Modelers Minute interview with Steve Munsell!

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