Plastic Posse Podcast

Episode 23: Trovarion Miniatures and Mike Rinaldi

June 23, 2021 The Plastic Posse Podcast Season 2 Episode 23
Plastic Posse Podcast
Episode 23: Trovarion Miniatures and Mike Rinaldi
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Trovarion Miniatures and Mike Rinaldi  - sponsored by Tankraft and Goodman Models!

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For our 23rd episode, we have the privilege to speak with Christoph Eichorn, AKA Trovarion Miniatures. Christoph has won multiple Golden Demon awards for his amazing work, and his YouTube Channel is terrific. He is as good a teacher as he is an artist!   

We were also fortunate enough to have a visit with our friend Mike Rinaldi, who talks about what is new with Rinaldi Studio Press. And we bring you a 3rd interview - our Modelers Minute segment with Kevin Kelley!

We also feature our regular segments, talk about some of our favorite finishing techniques, and have other great discussions about - you guessed it - Scale Modeling!

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