Plastic Posse Podcast

Episode 15: Star Wars Modeling Roundtable Discussion

March 03, 2021 The Plastic Posse Podcast Season 2 Episode 15
Plastic Posse Podcast
Episode 15: Star Wars Modeling Roundtable Discussion
Show Notes

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Mojo Slammers! and Roundtable 2 - Star Wars Modeling - sponsored by Goodman Models!

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The Posse Supersizes our Episode 15 with tons of content!!!

We have a big one for all you Posse Members out there! We Interview Anthony Goodman on why YOU need a set of the Goodman Models Super Sanding Blocks, we talk what's new with the Posse, upcoming Model Shows, John leads us in a discussion about Mojo-Busting "Slammer Builds."

We also discuss the ongoing PPP Group Builds - the Rye Field Models T-34/85 Group Build, and the new TIE Fighter Group Build, as well as our newest feature, the "Social Media Shoutouts." This segment is proving to be a big hit - as TJ leads the Posse in a discussion of several Social Media content creators that we feel are "don't miss." See links below to the content creators so you can quickly access them.

We have heard some moaning from our Sci Fi Posse fans, so we take a break from armor and aircraft features, and return to Sci Fi -as we feature the Plastic Posse Exclusive Round Table # 2.

As always, there is some great listener feedback, and of course - we have a lot of fun!

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