Plastic Posse Podcast

Episode 12: AFV Modeling Rountable Discussion

January 21, 2021 The Plastic Posse Podcast Season 2 Episode 12
Plastic Posse Podcast
Episode 12: AFV Modeling Rountable Discussion
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PPP Roundtable #1 - Armor Modeling - sponsored by Goodman Models!

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Episode 12 - The Posse unveils a new feature segment - the Plastic Posse Podcast Roundtable!

Roundtable #1 is a discussion panel about Armor Modeling. Our Panel includes Scott and TJ, as well as Notable Armor Modelers John JB Bonanni, JC Osborne, and Neil Stokes!  Future Roundtable Feature Segments will cover other Modeling Genres, Techniques, and Subjects relating to Scale Modeling.

We discuss the ongoing PPP Rye Field Models T-34/85 Group Build, and we are looking for feedback for our next Group Build - Submit your suggestions on our PPP Facebook page!
Doug and TJ continue with their new segments, and we discuss what's new with the Posse. As always, there is some great listener feedback, and of course - we have a lot of fun!

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