Plastic Posse Podcast

Episode 34: Aaron “AK Armor” Kuck and Bryan “Maschinen” Krueger

November 24, 2021 The Plastic Posse Podcast Season 2 Episode 34
Plastic Posse Podcast
Episode 34: Aaron “AK Armor” Kuck and Bryan “Maschinen” Krueger
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We are joined by Bryan (Maschinen Krueger), and we interview our good friend Aaron Kuck, aka AK Armor. 

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We also discuss two hobby shows that the Posse attended in the last two weeks - Ivan Jensen Taylor gives us his impressions of Scale Model World Telford in the UK, and Scott and JB talk about the recent hobby show held at Colpar Hobbies in Denver, which is an EXCELLENT hobby shop. Bryan gives us a great history of MAK, and we catch up on what everyone has been up to!

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